If you are a music lover and you use iTunes, you may be wondering how to add your music library to the Crate Hackers desktop app. Well, you're in luck! In this tutorial, we'll show you how to easily add your existing iTunes music folder into the Crate Hackers app. Not only that, but we'll also share some other useful tricks with iTunes.

Step 1: Identify Your iTunes Music Folder

The first step in adding your iTunes music folder to Crate Hackers is to identify where iTunes stores your downloaded music. This can be done by going to Your Music in the taskbar. If you have an older version of iTunes, you may see an iTunes tab in the taskbar. Click on Preferences and go to the Files tab. Here, you'll see exactly where your downloaded music is being stored.

Step 2: Consider Changing Your Music Folder Location

If you want to change the location of your music folder, you can do so by clicking on the "Change" button. However, it's best to avoid changing it in the middle of having and collecting with iTunes. If you have a completely clean version, you can change the location without any issue.

Step 3: Open iTunes and Click on "Add"

Now that you know where your music folder is located, it's time to add it to Crate Hackers. Open iTunes and click on "Add" in the menu bar.

Step 4: Choose the Folder to Scan From

iTunes will then prompt you to choose the folder to scan from. For example, if you're using Dropbox, click on your downloaded music folder. This is the folder where your music is currently being managed in iTunes.

Step 5: Start the Scan

Once you've selected the folder to scan from, click on the "Scan" button to start the process. Crate Hackers will then import all the songs from your iTunes library.

Step 6: Check Your Music in Crate Hackers

Once the import process is complete, you can check your music library in Crate Hackers. All your iTunes songs will now be available in the app.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Music in Crate Hackers

Congratulations! You've successfully added your iTunes music folder to Crate Hackers. Now you can enjoy your music library in the app and take advantage of all its features.

In conclusion, adding your iTunes music folder to Crate Hackers is a quick and easy process. By following these seven steps, you'll be able to enjoy your music library in the app and take advantage of its many features. We hope you found this tutorial helpful and informative. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.