Are you a Crate Hackers subscriber looking to update your payment information? We understand that sometimes billing information can change, so we've put together this simple, easy-to-follow guide to help you through the process.

Step 1: Visit the Link

To get started, head to this link: This link will take you to the billing portal for Crate Hackers.

Step 2: Enter Your Email

Once you're on the billing portal, enter the email address that you used when you signed up for Crate Hackers. This is important because it will allow the system to locate your account and pull up your billing information.

Step 3: Find Your Invoice ID

Next, you'll need to find your most recent DJ's Vault invoice. This can usually be found in your email inbox. Look for the "ORDER ID" or Invoice ID. Once you have this number, type it into the designated field on the billing portal.

Step 4: Locate Your Order

After you've entered your email and Invoice ID, click on "Locate Order." This will bring up your current billing information.

Step 5: Update Your Billing Information

Now it's time to update your billing information as needed. You can update your credit card information or billing address. Make sure to double-check everything to ensure that it's accurate.

Step 6: Need More Help?

If you need more detailed information or assistance, check out this link: This link will provide you with additional resources and answers to frequently asked questions.

Step 7: Contact the Help Desk

And if you need further help, don't hesitate to contact the Billing & Support Help Desk at this link: Our team is always here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Updating your billing information is quick and easy with Crate Hackers. Follow these steps and you'll be all set for continued access to the best DJ resources and tools available. Thanks for being a Crate Hackers subscriber!