Are you looking to cancel your Crate Hackers membership? We're sorry to see you go, but we want to make the process as easy as possible for you. Here's what you need to do:

Step 1: Send an Email

Simply send an email to In the email, let us know that you want to cancel your membership. Be sure to include your name and the email address associated with your account. This will help us locate your membership information and ensure that your cancellation is processed correctly.

Step 2: Wait for Confirmation

Once we receive your email, we will typically process your cancellation request within 24-48 hours. We will send you an email to confirm that your membership has been cancelled. If you don't receive a confirmation email within that timeframe, please check your spam folder or contact us again.

Step 3: Final Billing

Depending on when you cancel your membership, you may still be charged for the current billing period. If you cancel in the middle of a billing cycle, you may still be responsible for paying for the remainder of that cycle. We will let you know if any final billing is required.

Step 4: Access to Content

Once your membership is cancelled, you will no longer have access to the content that you previously had as a member. If you want to regain access to the content in the future, you will need to sign up again as a new member.

Step 5: Feedback

We're sorry to see you go and would love to know why you decided to cancel your membership. If you have any feedback or suggestions for us, please let us know. Your feedback helps us improve our services for our future members.

Step 6: Contact Us

If you have any additional questions or concerns about cancelling your membership, don't hesitate to contact us at Our customer support team is always happy to help you.